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ISO 17020

What is ISO / IEC 17020 ?

ISO 17020, entitled "General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection", is an internationally recognized standard for the competence of inspection bodies. ISO 17020 should not be confused with ISO 9001, which is specific to quality management systems. ISO 9001 does not require evaluation of the technical competence of an inspection body and it should not be regarded as an ‘acceptable’ alternative to ISO 17020.

This International Standard specifies general criteria for the competence of impartial bodies performing inspection irrespective of the sector involved. It also specifies independence criteria. This standard is intended for the use of inspection bodies and their accreditation bodies as well as other bodies concerned with recognizing the competence of inspection bodies

Benefits of ISO 17020 Accreditation

  • Uniformity in execution and reporting method for the people carrying out the activity.
  • Reduced penalty in case of disputes
  • Meeting the accreditation requirements
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Proof of conforms to specified requirements

How to achieve ISO 17020 - Accreditation / implementation steps

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt Ltd. offers a well defined and globally proven implementation methodology for ISO 17020 certification.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training
  • Documentation Design and finalization
  • Implementation
  • Internal Auditor Training and conduct of internal audit
  • Management Review Meeting
  • Review of Implementation
  • Pre-assessment audit
  • Stage 1 – certification audit
  • Stage 2 – certification audit
  • Award of ISO / IEC 17020 Accreditation
  • Continual improvement of the system through value added consulting and training services

What are the requirements of ISO 17020 Accreditation standard ?

The requirements of ISO 17020 are contained in 14 major sections including:

  • Administrative requirements
  • Requirements for independence, impartiality, and integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Organization and management
  • Quality system
  • Personnel
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Inspection methods and procedures
  • Handling of inspection samples and items
  • Control of records
  • Inspection reports and inspection certificates
  • Subcontracting
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Cooperation with other inspection bodies

Like ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, ISO 17020 requires procedures in several important areas, including:

Procedure to ensure that persons or organizations external to the inspection body cannot influence the results of inspections by the ISO 17020-accredited organization

  • Procedure for feedback
  • Procedure for corrective action
  • Procedure for the care and maintenance of equipment
  • Procedure for selecting qualified suppliers
  • Procedure for purchasing
  • Procedure for inspection of materials received by the organization
  • Procedure for appropriate storage facilities
  • Procedure for protecting the integrity of data produced by the organization
  • Procedure for ensuring the security of data produced by the organization
  • Procedure for dealing with defective equipment
  • Procedure(s) for performing inspections
  • Procedure(s) for performing non-standard inspections
  • Procedure(s) for avoiding deterioration or damage to inspection items
  • Procedure for dealing with complaints
  • Procedure for dealing with appeals against the results of inspections

In addition Lakshy recommends the following additional procedures as a minimum supplement to the required procedures:

  • Control of non-conforming work
  • Preventive action
  • Internal auditing
  • Management review
  • Training
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Contract review
  • Document control
  • Records control
  • Reporting the results of an inspection

Integrate ISO 17020 with other management system standards

ISO / IEC 17020 is designed to be compatible with other management systems standards and specifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and other ISO management standards. They can be integrated seamlessly through Integrated Management system approach. They share many principles so choosing an integrated management system can offer excellent value for money and an easier approach to implement, manage and improve multiple standards simultaneously.

What we offer in the field of ISO 17020 standard and accreditation

As one of the largest ISO / IEC 17020 management system certification consulting companies across the world with clients in more than 40 countries, our knowledge and experience of the standards is unsurpassed. We understand how to fully exploit the benefits of your quality management system to ensure you unlock the true potential in your organization.

We provide unmatched expertise and technical competence to ensure that your ISO / IEC 17020 inspection body quality management system certification project adds value to your organization.

We provide consulting, training, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation during ISO / IEC 17020 certification audit.

We offer our global knowledge moulded locally to bring in the best results for our clients and partner their journey of standardization, compliance, growth, success and continual improvements.

  • Conduct an initial gap analysis
  • Help you establish policies and objectives
  • Identify documentation requirements
  • Make assignments and prepare schedules
  • Prepare documentation
  • Coordinate document preparation, reviews, approvals, and production
  • Prepare the following key documents:

Quality Policy

Quality Manual


Master List of Documents

  • Manage implementation schedules, training, follow-up actions
  • Help you select a Registrar that has experience in your industry
  • Prepare status reports and monitor progress
  • Conduct training
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Request registration
  • Conduct vendor and supplier audits
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Develop quality system intranets to help you manage your documents

Contact us now, to get your organization ISO / IEC 17020 certified in the most effective and efficient manner while realizing the true benefits of the certification using our specialized ISO / IEC 17020 implementation methodology that is less time consuming, fast, easy to understand and implement, result oriented, time bound and cost effective. Get ISO / IEC 17020 certified now with us….

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