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BS EN 16001

What is BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 EnMs – Energy Management system

BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 is the standard for energy management. It parallels and complements ISO 9001 for quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

What energy use goals does BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 include?

BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 does NOT include energy use goals. BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 simply ensures that you have a credible and effective management process in place to reach your energy use goals. You set your own goals in accordance with your requirements and vision.

What kinds of organizations might benefit from an BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 energy management system?

Any organization that uses energy can benefit from implementing an energy management system. Manufacturers, IT operations, airports, heavy equipment operations, food processors, and chemical and pharmaceutical plants are just a few of the candidates that would most benefit from an BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 energy management system. The greater your energy use, the more you will benefit. How does one use BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 ?

An BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 energy management system enables you to systematically set and reach your organization's energy use goals, wherever you choose to set them, and realize the energy cost savings. In addition, many government and utility energy programs require that an effective Management System for Energy (MSE) be put in place to qualify for program benefits. An ISO 50001 MSE will become the universally accepted standard.

BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001

is in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards that address quality management and environmental management issues. Also, it will have the common elements of ISO's management standards like the continual improvement vide Plan-Do-Check-Act method adopted in the earlier ISO Management standards.

Implementation of ISO 9001 means what the organization does to fulfill the customer's quality requirements, and applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction,

Implementation of ISO 14001 means what the organization does to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and to achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.

Similarly BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 implementation is expected to address what the organization does to effectively manage energy resources and performance that is relevant to global standards".

  • measuring, reporting, benchmarking energy use improvements.
  • assess energy improvement projects impact on GHG emissions.
  • create transparency in the management of energy resources.
  • evaluate the improvements in implementation of energy efficient technologies.
  • validate continuous improvement in energy management.
  • promoting a framework for efficient use of energy in the organization.
  • helping organizations make a better use of their energy assets.
  • helping in procurement practices for energy using equipment and systems.
  • emphasis management's commitment to energy use and efficiency

Benefits of BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001

Reduce costs

Reduce energy costs via a structured approach to identifying, measuring and managing your energy consumption.

Improve business performance

Drive greater productivity by identifying technical point solutions and affecting behavioural change to reduce energy consumption.

Engage top management

Position energy management in the boardroom as a key business issue.

Comply with legislation

Meet current or future mandatory energy efficiency targets and/or the requirements of GHG emission reduction legislation.

Reduce your GHG emissions

Meet stakeholder expectations or obligations now and in the future.

Formalise energy policy and objectives

Create respect for the energy management policy and embed energy efficient thinking in your organization.

Integrate your management systems

Align your EnMS with existing management systems for incremental benefit.

Secure energy supply

Understand your energy risk exposure and identify areas of the organization at greatest risk.

Drive innovation

Develop opportunities for new products and services in the low-carbon economy of the future. Flexible and scalable Applicable to any organisation, large or small and from any industry.

How to achieve BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certification - BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 implementation / Compliance Certification steps

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt Ltd. offers a well defined and globally proven implementation methodology for BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certification.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training
  • Aspect – impact analysis and risk analysis
  • Documentation Design and finalization
  • Implementation
  • Internal Auditor Training and conduct of internal audit
  • Management Review Meeting
  • Review of Implementation
  • Pre-assessment audit
  • Stage 1 – certification audit
  • Stage 2 – certification audit
  • Award of BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certification
  • Continual improvement of the system through value added consulting and training services

What are the requirements of BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 standard ?

Energy management system requirements

  • 3.1 General requirements
  • 3.2 Energy policy
  • 3.3 Planning
  • 3.3.1 Identification and review of energy aspects
  • 3.3.2 Legal obligations and other requirements
  • 3.3.3 Energy objectives, targets and programme(s)
  • 3.4 Implementation and operation
  • 3.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
  • 3.4.2 Awareness, training and competence
  • 3.4.3 Communication
  • 3.4.4 Energy management system documentation
  • 3.4.5 Control of documents
  • 3.4.6 Operational control
  • 3.5 Checking
  • 3.5.1 Monitoring and measurement
  • 3.5.2 Evaluation of compliance
  • 3.5.3 Nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action
  • 3.5.4 Control of records
  • 3.5.5 Internal audit of the energy management system
  • 3.6 Review of the energy management system by top management
  • 3.6.1 General
  • 3.6.2 Inputs to management review
  • 3.6.3 Outputs from management review

Integrate BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 with other management system standards

BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 is designed to be compatible with other management systems standards and specifications, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and other ISO standards. They can be integrated seamlessly through Integrated Management system approach. They share many principles so choosing an integrated management system can offer excellent value for money and an easier approach to implement, manage and improve multiple standards simultaneously.

What we offer in the field of BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 standard and certificationn

As one of the largest ISO management system certification consulting companies across the world with clients in more than 40 countries, our knowledge and experience of the standards is unsurpassed. We understand how to fully exploit the benefits of your energy management system to ensure you unlock the true potential in your organization.

We provide unmatched expertise and technical competence to ensure that your BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 environment management system certification project adds value to your organization.

We provide consulting, training, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certification audit.

We offer our global knowledge moulded locally to bring in the best results for our clients and partner their journey of standardization, compliance, growth, success and continual improvements.

Contact us now, to get your organization BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certified in the most effective and efficient manner while realizing the true benefits of the certification using our specialized ISO implementation methodology that is less time consuming, fast, easy to understand and implement, result oriented, time bound and cost effective. Get BS / EN 16001 - ISO 50001 certified now with us….

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